Boquete cloud forestWhat is a cloud forest? We get asked this question dozens of times each week. Some people think if its not cloudy in the forest the day of the tour that we are not in the cloud forest. Conversely, others believe that the town of Boquete itself is in the cloud forest when the fog rolls through town on a cloudy September afternoon. The truth is that a cloud forest is a mostly tropical or semi-tropical evergreen forest characterized by a low-level and frequent cloud cover at the canopy level. These forests usually exhibit an abundance of mosses covering the ground and vegetation and almost always develop on the saddles of mountains, like the Jaramillo mountains and Volcan Baru in Boquete.

Normlly, there is a quite small area of altitude in which the climate and environment is suitable for the development of a cloud forest. Most people confuse the rain forest with the cloud forest, where the majority of the precipitation is caused, notby rainfall but rather by a fog drip, where condensation on tree leaves ultimately drips forest floor.

Although legitimate cloud forests in Boquete abound, only one percent of the forests in the world can be classified as a cloud forest. Outside of Boquete, other areas of the world with real cloud forests are in other countries in Central and South America, Central and Eastern Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and in parts of the Caribbean.

In Boquete, the areas of Bajo Mono, Alto Chiquero, Horqueta and the slopes leading to the Volcan Baru are all considered cloud forests. And, although it can be sunny at times in legitimate cloud forests, you will find all of the characteristics of a cloud forest in these areas.

We offer several tours into the cloud forests of Boquete including hiking tours, ATV tours and our famous Yellow Jeep Cloud Forest Safari.

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