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Boquete Safari is the premier tour operator in Boquete. We also offer custom tours and complete Panama Vacation Packages. To find about more about how you can save big money by booking your vacation with Boquete Safari, click HERE to contact us!

Rock Climbing Tour

Duration: 4 hours


Panama offers some of the most beautiful and exotic forests, biodiversity, mountains, amazing beaches and it is fast becoming one of the most important destinations for rock climbing in Central America. Even with mostly mountains covered in deep beautiful vegetation, Panama also has some interesting exposed rock walls, in their majority volcanic formations like in the case of Boquete’s...




Island Tour

Duration: 8 hours


This all day tour will take you to one of the top 8 beach locations in the entire country. Your adventure begins in the Gulf of Chiriqui where seasonal whale watching is available from late June through October. You will be transported by boat to the Island of Bolaños with 5 white sand beaches and turquoise waters. This national reserve park has overnight camping available as well as several...




ATV Hot Springs Tour

Duration: 4-5 hours


Experience an amazing 4-5 hour, 30 mile round trip ATV adventure and spend the afternoon soaking yourself in one of the amazing all-natural, mineral-laden hot springs pools! The Hot Springs ATV tour climbs high into the cloud forests surrounding Boquete before descending down a mountain path to the town of Caldera some 15 miles to the south of Boquete. The tour passes by beautiful mountains...




Panoramic Jeep Tour

Duration: 2 hours


Explore the amazing, enchanted cloud forest of Boquete with our famous Cloudforest Safari Jeep. Our bilingual local guides will take you on an adventure unmatched in Boquete. Guests will climb high into 3 different mountain ranges in Boquete while learning about the unique geology and history of the Boquete area. This tour passes by large coffee plantations as well as small, independent and...




Coffee Tour

Duration: 3 hours


This fabulous tour is for all of you that are looking for a “hands on” boutique coffee experience. You will be taken by the most knowledgeable guides in Boquete to Finca la Milagrosa high in the Jaramillo mountains just outside of Boquete. The Finca’s owner is one of the most respected organic coffee growers and producers in the entire country. Coffee from this finca is hand picked and processed...




Hot Springs Tour

Duration: 4-5 hours


Scientists from all of the World have come to the small village of Caldera in recent years to discover if there is any truth to the claim that the water in the natural hot spring pools has natural healing powers. Nothing has been proven yet but many experts in the healing powers of hot springs have said that the pools in Caldera have some of the highest mineral contents of any hot springs in the...




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