Island Tour

Duration: 8 hours


This all day tour will take you to one of the top 8 beach locations in the entire country. Your adventure begins in the Gulf of Chiriqui where seasonal whale watching is available from late June through October. You will be transported by boat to the Island of Bolaños with 5 white sand beaches and turquoise waters. This national reserve park has overnight camping available as well as several...




Coffee Tour

Duration: 3 hours


This fabulous tour is for all of you that are looking for a “hands on” boutique coffee experience. You will be taken by the most knowledgeable guides in Boquete to Finca la Milagrosa high in the Jaramillo mountains just outside of Boquete. The Finca’s owner is one of the most respected organic coffee growers and producers in the entire country. Coffee from this finca is hand picked and processed...