Panoramic Safari Jeep & Wildlife Excursion

Duration: 4 hours


This amazing tour combines two of Boquete Safari’s most popular half day tours into one spectacular adventure! Ride in the back of one of our World Famous Safari Jeeps as it meanders through a narrow valley, crossing rivers, passing by waterfalls and Indigenous homes. Then hike over a walking bridge and deep into the mysterious cloud forest. See rare birds and beautiful butterflies and if...




Quetzal Trail

Duration: 8 hours


Sendero Los Quetzales in Cerro Punta is one of Panama’s most beautiful trails. The 10 km route takes between four and seven hours. and unites two communities of Boquete and Cerro Punta and is one of the most visited and popular tours of Boquete, the name is from a particular species of bird called the Quetzal. These birds are beautiful and rare to observe is the favorite activity among...




Volcano Hike

Duration: 12 hours


Boquete Safari employs some of Panama’s most experienced hiking guides and no other trail in Panama requires an experienced guide more than the Baru Volcano! This grueling 12 hour round-trip hike includes some steep technical ascents but it is the quick changes altitude and rapidly changing weather and wind patterns that make this hike dangerous. We therefore recommend using an experienced...




Waterfall Trail

Duration: 4 hours


The word is out and the Mysterious Waterfalls trail is quickly becoming the most sought after guided hike we offer. We consider this to be Boquete’s Best Hike for those looking for pure natural beauty. This hike starts off with relatively gentle inclines but more extreme inclines appear quickly making this a challenging Level 3 hike. There are two nice waterfalls along the trail and bring...