Whitewater Rafting

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Boquete Mountain Safari is now the proud owner of Panama Rafters.  We have been setting the bar for tourism in Boquete for over 12years and now with the addition of this all day whitewater rafting trip that includes the best riverside lunch in Panama we have done it again.  We have the best guides in Chiriqui with over 15 years of experience providing the adrenaline filled whitewater rafting tour down the famous Chiriqui Viejo river.  Gone are the days of mediocrity!
Thrill as you paddle into the Panama Jungle and down the Cat III+ rapids enjoying both an Adrenaline filled ride as well as the jungle wildlife dotted along the shores of this majestic river.  Your guide will be taking photos for you as you paddle the river.  Panama Rafters and Boquete Mountain Safari provide the images, free of charge, for you to download and print as you like you can even order a photobook online from shutterfly using our link to the image Gallery at http://boquetesafari.shutterfly.com.
Value, safety, and quality of service are the primary goals and once again we set the standard.   First time rafting?  No problem!! Our guides pick routes along the river to match any skill level of paddler.  Children as young as 3 have enjoyed this tour as well a seniors as old as 80.  Why not try a day Rafting in Panama where the whitewater meet the lush green jungle.
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Tour price: $65

Tour includes: Transportation, lunch and professional experienced guide.

4 Reviews

  1. 7-20-2012

    Amazing rafting experience!

  2. 7-25-2012

    un dia genial! la aventura, la atencion, comer junto al rio… I-NOL-VI-DA-BLE!

  3. 7-16-2013

    Recently went on the rafting trip and it was so much fun!!! I have rafted several times before and this is one of the best, most exciting experiences I have ever had. Our guide was extremely experienced and took us on a very thrilling ride because that is what we asked for. He said he can tone it down for those with less experience or if there are children rafting. We definitely got what we asked for and had a fantastic time! I would absolutely recommend this excursion if you are in boquete. Now I am just trying to find where the pictures are posted that are guide took of us while rafting.

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